Alanya keykubat University
جامعة ألانيا كيكوبات
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages : 11
No. Of Students : 11973
Type : Governmental
Local Rank : 145
Language : English - Turkish

Alanya keykubat University - Governmental

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Alanya keykubat University


About Alanya keykubat University:

Alanya Aladdin Kikubat University was established in 2015 as a public university in Alanya. The university aims to provide qualified higher education in an international educational environment. With its eight colleges (business, engineering, medicine, education, tourism, sports sciences, health sciences, and dentistry), three colleges (science, social sciences, health sciences) and five vocational schools, the university offers a variety of associate degrees, undergraduate and graduate programs.

Why Alanya keykubat University?

Alanya is located 135 km east of the center of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, and is a major tourist destination with many natural, historical and cultural attractions. ALKU is the first public university in Turkey located in a city other than the county seat, which indicates the importance and potential of Alanya. Transfer to Alanya is easy with international and domestic flights. It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Alanya to Gazipasa Alanya Airport and about two hours to Antalya International Airport. There are also buses that reach Alanya Bus Station from all major cities in Turkey. Transfer to the ALKU University campus is available by city buses (numbers 101 and 202) within Alanya.

Regular and evening education programs are available in most colleges. As mentioned above, two new years of undergraduate study will begin in English. Meanwhile, when necessary, all colleges can teach in English as well. Students have an elective year of English at the business school. In addition, German and Russian are taught and Arabic is taught through many programs. Students also enjoy many academic options such as dual or high masters degrees, summer schools, and transfers to other higher education institutions in Turkey. There are also Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi programs for students and academic exchange within Turkey and with universities abroad.



Student life:
Based in a paradise-like holiday area, ALKU attaches great importance to the social and cultural life of its students. Some social and cultural activities include the Spring Festival, student clubs, environmental and artistic excursions, training seminars, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, job fairs, entrepreneurial competitions and sports activities, etc. Student residence opportunities include country residences, student-friendly accommodations, and many hotel apartments.

The university gives the utmost importance to the appropriate internationalization strategy. An essential part of this strategy depends on our international students who come from every part of the world to study here. ALKU currently has about 130 international students from 40 different countries, and we expect a rapid increase in this number in the near future.


Alanya keykubat University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 164.
  • International ranking: 11134.
  • Faculties: 11 Faculties and 5 vocational schools

Local and international recognition,

The university enjoys the recognition of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Accreditation Authority (YOK), and is characterized by many agreements with universities and accreditation of many international bodies.







Mission and Vision:

Adapting global values, focusing on the management philosophy aimed at creating the best for humanity, and participating in the endeavors of education and research and the best social and cultural activities, in an attempt to solve problems using their intellectual and scientific ability, with a focus in the first place on the education of qualified individuals, and giving priority to the region and the needs of the state, as a university It pioneered and provides sustainable development and solutions to problems in order to improve welfare and peace in society.


To be a world-recognized university that actively participates in developing the social and economic structure of the region and the country by contributing to the creation of knowledge, technology and services in the field of tourism, health, agriculture and service industries.

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