istanbul commerce university
جامعة اسطنبول التجارية
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages : 6
No. Of Students : 8462
Type : Private
Local Rank : 88
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istanbul commerce university - Private

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istanbul commerce university

About İstanbul Ticaret University:

Istanbul Ticaret University was established in 2001 and has 6 colleges (Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Law, Communications, Engineering, Architecture and Design), Preparatory English Department and 4 institutes (Foreign Trade, Social Institute of Science, Science and Finance) and research and application centers. Our university continues its educational life with approximately 9,000 students and 300 academics. It is located in Sutluja, one of the leading regions of Istanbul, and one of the cultural capitals of the world, in addition to parallel education of scientific and technological developments, cultural and artistic activities and opportunities for research are combined on a global scale. The presence of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the leading chambers in the world, with 138 years of history, plays a major role in the fact that every student choosing a university receives a professional education that integrates theory and practice without breaking down the facts of life. As the number of departments in the English language continues to increase, along with five departments, all of which are in English, English has started teaching by 30 percent in 17 departments in the 2014-2015 academic year. Consequently, an educational model has been put into practice, as our students will gain global experience. The Erasmus Agreement, provides our students and academics with the opportunity to gain international experience. As a private university directed to students. The university, which has grown with institutional support from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in addition to academic knowledge and experience, is not only a diploma with international sincerity, but also a high level in educational environments where campus life in the city meets with opportunities to connect with commercial life and academic experience.


Why İstanbul Ticaret University?

  • Istanbul Ticaret University is distinguished among the best Turkish universities that give their students a qualified college education at the highest levels through nearly 300 faculty members, and also brings them closer to working life by providing them with the skills required in the labor market.
  • The university occupied a prominent position in the academic community through the local and international activities that are held in it, in addition to the research theses that enrich the university scientific content every year, and the university includes 6 equipped colleges at the highest level.
  • Istanbul Business University has become one of the first-grade universities in Turkey, thanks to its distinguished study programs, technical facilities, and prominent faculty.


İstanbul Ticaret University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 88.
  • International ranking: 4976.
  • Number of students: 8462 students.
  • Faculties: 6 Faculties.
  • Vocational schools: 7.


Local and international recognition,

The university enjoys the recognition of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Accreditation Authority (YOK), and is characterized by many agreements with universities and accreditation of many international bodies.

Mission and Vision:

Meeting the changing needs of the state, adapting quickly to global trends, and being a modern university with local and global ethical values, and educating entrepreneurs, producers, and those qualified to act freely, fairly and responsibly.


Carrying out interdisciplinary studies necessary for the information age without losing their academic flexibility.

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