Istanbul Okan University
جامعة إسطنبول أوكان
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages : 7
No. Of Students : 21000
Type : Private
Local Rank : 66
Language : English - Turkish

Istanbul Okan University - Private

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Istanbul Okan University


About Istanbul Okan University:

It is one of the youngest universities in Turkey and one of the most dynamic in Turkey, was established by the Okan Foundation for Culture, Education and Sports in (1999) and started with the beginning of the academic year in (2003-2004), is ranked globally (4110) and Turkey (66) . The university is located in the city of Istanbul in the Asian section of the region (Tepeören), its location is unique because near it there is the Formula One circuit F1 and also Sabiha International Airport. The university includes a social center, a shopping center and also a sports center that includes a gym, swimming pool and tennis court in addition to many other sports such as football field.


Why Istanbul Okan University?

  • According to its motto, “The University Closest to Business Life,” Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing faculty members who are experts in their own fields, adopting a contemporary approach to education, and focusing on practice-oriented studies that prepare students for business life And, starting from the first year for new students, indeed, the university, which was pleased to present its first graduates with their degrees in the period 2006-2007, fulfilled the promise of its logo, as all members of its graduates from the first batch found work.
  • Okan University aims to build a bridge between the academic world and the business world. To this end, the university enables students to work in companies as part of the business life preparation program, starting from their first year, and this program does not only help students get to know business life and improve their knowledge And their skills by putting theory into practice, but it also motivates students as well, and a certificate of participation is offered to students who successfully complete the Business Life Preparation program as well as other work experience certificates that are added to their degrees upon


  • Okan University has cooperation protocols with commercial institutions such as the Council of Foreign Economic Relations in Turkey, the Turkish-Eurasian Business Council, the Information and Communications Technology Authority, the Turkish Contractors Association, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, International Transportation Transport, the Association of Turkish Tourism Investors, Turkish Airlines, airport Sabiha Gökçen International, Turkish Red Crescent, Festo Industrial Bus. Company, Akefirat Municipality, as well as academic institutions such as Peking University, Murray State University and Anatolia University.


  • At Okan University there is a university residence for male and female students. Dormitory facilities include study rooms, a dining hall, a cafeteria, a laundry and laundry service, a day and night security team to ensure student safety throughout the university residence building, a medical clinic with a doctor on hand 7/24, wireless internet and cable.

Istanbul Okan University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 66.
  • International ranking: 4110.
  • Students number: 21000 Students.
  • Faculties: 7 Faculties,



Local and international recognition,

In addition to local credits, the university is distinguished by the following credits:
Eua – international association of universities -cimer -TUVU
ISO 27001 – ISO 22301




Mission and Vision:

Raising happy individuals adopting the fundamental values ​​of the Republic, who are sensitive to national and global problems, and have the skills of analytical thinking, critical thinking, adventure, and innovation, and they can use multiple foreign languages, learn to access, use and share information, and they are aware of themselves. Research and learn methods of obtaining information and converting it into a social benefit, and raising individuals who are global citizens who have moral values ​​and absorb world cultures. Using modern education techniques and methods, and providing education to solve problems. Engage in activities that respond to the needs of society by prioritizing social responsibility and environmental awareness.  Develop a modern, innovative and respectful university for each other, have strong communication with students, sensitive to social problems, have team spirit and respect employee satisfaction.


An innovative and pioneering global university that can meet the needs of society and business life by global standards.

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