İzmir University of Economics
جامعة إزمير للإقتصاد
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages : 8
No. Of Students : 9054
Type : Private
Local Rank : 58
Language : English - Turkish

İzmir University of Economics - Private

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İzmir University of Economics


About İzmir University of Economics:

Izmir University of Economics was established in two colleges, 5 schools, and two institutes in 2001. Later that year she moved to her current campus in Balçova with the support of the mayor of the capital Izmir at that time. She began her educational journey with 288 students, and Izmir University of Economics, which bears the burden of being the first founding university in the Aegean region, has become one of the most preferred universities across the country and has graduated 16,200 graduates to date.

A total of 464 academics, 59 of whom are international nationals, work at the Izmir Economic University which has approximately 10,000 students. The university currently has 8 colleges, 3 vocational schools, 4 higher schools, and 10 research and application centers that offer The university has 32 different associate degree programs, 35 undergraduate students programs, 38 different postgraduate programs, and 9 different PhD programs.

Why İzmir University of Economics?

  • The university focuses heavily on internationalization, as mentioned in its strategic plan. With this goal in mind, strong relationships have been formed with distinguished universities around the world to exchange students, faculty, joint research, and scientific studies.
  • Teaching method is English (except for law school). It is mandatory during the entire study period for all undergraduate students to choose and continue learning a second foreign language from among nine language alternatives (German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese).
  • The university underwent the European Association (IAA) IEP process that aims to contribute to quality improvement in universities and publish examples of effective strategic management. In 2012, the university received a positive follow-up evaluation by the EUA to increase the quality and scope of higher education offered.
  • The University follows the latest trends in international higher education to meet the needs of students and graduates.
  • The university grants an additional diploma to graduates as a result of excellence in implementation, based on the criterion of leadership and innovation.
  • The university officially aims to raise the level of participating and creative individuals, and is the first founding university in Izmir and the Aegean region, and the university is also the first specialized university in Turkey.

İzmir University of Economics in numbers:

  • Local ranking:58
  • International ranking:5843
  • Number of students:9054
  • Faculties:8

Local and international recognition,

  • The university has an Erasmus student exchange program with 173 universities from 26 European Union member states. You can enhance your international connections with the exchange program. With financial support from Erasmus, you can study abroad for 3 to 12 months.
  • The university cooperates with many of the most prestigious universities in the world. You can study in different cities of the world with 35 universities from 14 countries including the USA, Australia, the Czech Republic, China, Georgia, Japan, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia and Ukraine.
  • The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.

Mission, Vision and value:

The mission of the Izmir University of Economics is to develop innovative, qualified, curious individuals with leadership traits, entrepreneurial capabilities, critical thinking skills, and contributing science with unique research.


Izmir University’s vision of economics is to become a prominent institution of higher education that leads society through high-quality education and world-class scientific research.


Participation – innovation – social responsibility – perfectionism

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