Van Yüzüncü Yil University
جامعة يوزونجو يل
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages :
No. Of Students :
Type : Governmental
Local Rank : 40
Language : Turkish

Van Yüzüncü Yil University - Governmental

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Van Yüzüncü Yil University

About Van Yüzüncü Yil University:

Van Yuzonjo Yil University was established by Decree Law No. 41 of July 20, 1982. However, the attempt to establish a university in the eastern regions of Turkey started long ago. The idea of establishing a university in Van is very old and dates back to the pre-republican period. As the Royal Orders indicate that in the area known as vacant land in the city of Van


Why Van Yüzüncü Yil University?

The university has several advantages in several specializations as follows:

  • The College of Dentistry is distinguished for its education, training and health services activities; It aims to educate dentists who use information that conforms to global and ethical values, produce new information and contribute to the development of the community in which it is located, prepare itself for lifelong learning and provide high-level health services to patients with its existing employees and students.
  • The College of Pharmacy aims to graduate pharmacists who use knowledge while adhering to moral values, to produce information in a way that contributes to the health of society, whether they are contemporary, researchers, innovators, participants, builders, entrepreneurs, producers, and think critically, and monitor and benefit From technological developments, they are confident and bear effective duties and responsibilities at every stage.
  • As for the College of Arts, the mission of the teaching staff is to develop a modern youth who is able to read, research, analytic thinking and question and has the ability to interpret
  • With regard to the Faculty of Medicine, the college graduates obtain the title of Doctor of Medicine, and doctoral programs are offered at the Graduate Institute of Health Sciences and Basic Medical Sciences, and there is also a large capacity hospital. Our faculty serves the residents of our city and region with a research hospital consisting of 43 clinics and 11 laboratories. Our college continues its activities in 44 departments of basic medicine, internal medicine and surgical medicine.

Van Yüzüncü Yil University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 40.
  • International ranking: 1945.


Local and international recognition,

The university enjoys local and international accreditation including: EUA, YÖK, UADMK, CİMER

Mission Vision and Values:

Contributing nationally and internationally through raising individuals who are qualified to contribute to social development in line with the needs of the region to lead sustainable development.



A university that integrates with the world of science and technology, education, research, and health is a leader in this field, leading the development of its region.


  • Scientific and moral responsibility
  • Submission of Republican values
  • Entrepreneurial sensitivity to country problems
  • Respect man and the environment
  • Integration with the city
  • Pioneering, contemporary, innovative and participatory
  • Transparency
  • Labor and production support
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