Yarmouk University
جامعة اليرموك
Country : Jordan
No. Of Collages : 16
No. Of Students : 34651
Type : Governmental
Local Rank : 3
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Yarmouk University - Governmental

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Yarmouk University


About Yarmouk University:

A public university located in Irbid city in the north of the Kingdom of Jordan, was founded in 1976, and has witnessed a major expansion that extends to this day. The university enjoys a great degree of independence, and it is managed by the Board of Trustees whose members are appointed by a special royal decree. University services provided by the university are not only limited to Jordanian students but also include many international students around the world.


Why Yarmouk University?

What makes Yarmouk University better than other universities is that it gather up all its efforts and capabilities to achieve the following goals:

  • Providing the highest educational level for university students in their field of specialization and at all levels.
  • Attention to research programs that provide prosperity for the individual and society and advance the economy.
  • Promoting cultural enrichment and providing educational and training opportunities for the general public, and the university thus contributes to serving the local, national, regional and international community.

Yarmouk University:

  • Local ranking: 3.
  • International ranking: 3617.
  • Number of students: more than 34 thousand students.
  • Faculties: 16 Faculties.




Mission, Vision and values:

The preparation of scientific competencies in various fields of science and knowledge through the provision of distinguished education, and the production of creative scientific research that serves the community and contributes to building an economy of knowledge through the creation of a university environment that stimulates creativity, through the use of freedom and the freedom of knowledge.


Leadership and excellence in the fields of education, scientific research and community service; Yarmouk University occupies a prominent position in Jordan, regionally and internationally.


  • Social and moral commitment: The University of Yarmouk strives to achieve the highest levels of social and ethical commitment, and consolidate the values ​​of moderation, moderation, and equality in line with the teachings of the High Semitic religion, authentic Arab customs and traditions, and human ideals.
  • Affiliation: The university strives to achieve the highest levels of sincere national affiliation for its students and employees by: strengthening the national spirit and putting the public interest above all personal interests.
  • Global vision: The university adopts a global vision in terms of international humanitarian principles and standards, and seeks positive interaction with all cultures, and opens the doors of cooperation with all outstanding international universities and research centers.
  • Inclusiveness: The University seeks to achieve inclusiveness in the integration of different forms of knowledge, and to expand the range of research disciplines and interests that focus on it.
  • Quality: The university adheres to high-level educational standards, always striving to develop the educational process, scientific research and community service in accordance with the highest levels of quality and quality.
  • Rewarding Excellence in Performance and Accountability: The University believes that the positive and distinguished behavior of all members of the university family must be supported through the university’s plans to reward the outstanding performance of its employees. To the same extent, the university will establish a system of accountability for workers, especially academic and administrative leaderships.
  • Transparency and academic freedom: The university encourages openness and interaction with others, and confirms its interest in the values ​​of fairness, integrity and academic freedom.
  • Decentralization: The University believes in the need for all parties to the university to participate in the decision-making and decision-making process. This is achieved by supporting decisions at the levels of departments, colleges, administrative units and students. The University supports the trend towards more decentralization in decision-making and decision-making.
  • The Learning Institution: The University believes that tangible progress is only achieved through adjusting university practices to accommodate developments in science and modern technology and its applications in the fields of teaching and scientific research.
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