Yıldız Technical University
جامعة يلديز التقنية
Country : Turkey
No. Of Collages : 11
No. Of Students : 36
Type : Governmental
Local Rank : 14
Language : English - Turkish

Yıldız Technical University - Governmental

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Yıldız Technical University

About Yıldız Technical University:

Yıldız Technical University is one of the most popular public universities in Istanbul, and it is the third oldest university in Turkey, since 1911, It is also one of the best universities in Turkey. The university includes 11 colleges, two institutes, the Vocational School of Higher Education, the Vocational School of National Palaces and Historic Buildings, the Vocational School of Foreign Languages, and more than 30,000 students.

Why Yıldız Technical University?

Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul is one of seven government universities in Istanbul. The main office of the university is located in Besktas region on the Bosphorus, while the new building is in the Esenler, Davutpaşa area in the middle of the European section of Istanbul, the language of teaching is Turkish and English, and the most famous one who graduate from the university  are Kanaan Emerzalioglu and Murad Yildirim. The faculty of Engineering at Yildiz University is divided into four colleges: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, and also Mechanical Engineering and the faculty of Chemical Engineering and also includes the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the College of Arts, the College of Art and Design, the College of Education, the College of Architecture, and the College of Marine Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Yıldız Technical University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 14.
  • International ranking: 1140.
  • Number of students: 36 thousand students.
  • Faculties: 11.


Local and international recognition,:

The university has the following credits: YOK, MUDEK, MIAK, NMR.IQNET, MIAK.

Mission, vision and values the mission:

Yıldız Technical University Mission:
Developing information, individuals and practices sensitive to society by giving priority to the welfare of society, making life easier, putting ethics, and the human element at the forefront, contributing to the development of the country, caring for the environment, giving importance to cultural values, establishing cooperation, adding high value to society, and leading activities Research, technology development, and the development of contemporary knowledge through the production of technological methods. We also aim to teach for life, and adopt analytical thinking, a culture of excellence, specialization in the field, entrepreneurship, inquiry, innovation, different appearance, readiness, self-confidence, and expression, And hosting and teaching distinguished people in their field, as we aspire to be a university that produces artistic products all over the world, provides scientific solutions, and develops and implements studies, innovations and interdisciplinary projects.

Yıldız Technical University Vision:

A world-leading, favorite and prestigious university


  • Country Service: Respecting social values, achieving knowledge, quality in education and research, and excellence in continuous improvement.
  • Integrity and ethics.
  • The Desire to Learn: Estimate Lifelong Learning and Professional Development.
  • Education: cooperation between the public and private sectors and NGOs and responding to the needs of stakeholders with the principle of profit for all.
  • Fair, consistent, effective and transparent management.


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